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Case Studies

Our content retrieval and integration solutions can be used by various types of companies, agencies and organizations for many purposes. Here are some possible scenarios.

1. Research/analyzing/search tool for your organization or company

A typical scenario: you can employ our metasearch solution to combine a number of searchable data sources together and create an unified search interface. This will allow your members/employees/researchers/visitors quickly find the best results from all the sources simultaneously and presented in an easy, understandable format.

We can provide solutions for corporate intranet as well as for the open web.

Possible users: Companies/corporations, government agencies with data-sources/services located in different places/cities/countries.

2. Run a hybrid-search engine (major-search and metasearch combination)

You are running a search engine with content feed from a major data provider (like: Inktomi, Google, Fast etc.) but you want to expand your content-search options (image-search, job-search, news-search, shopping-search, weather-search or any other content-search options). We can provide a major-search and metasearch combination so that part of your search engins continues to work as a major search engine but some other content-search options work like a metasearch engine.

3. Super Library or Archive

Possible scenario: Your organization has data-sources, achieves located in different places/cities/countries. You want to be able to use them (search them) all using one single interface. We can provide appropriate solutions to achieve your aim.

4. Run an affiliate metasearch engine

If you are too eager to make quick money using your affiliation with established PPC (Pay-per-click) engines; we can quickly deliver an affiliate-search engine to generate results from only (or mainly) your affiliate feeds (XML, HTML, XSTL etc.).
You will be able to expand it (at your will) or add more features/options whenever necessary.

A quick example: if you are an affiliate of a number of PPC search engines, you can quickly start a web-search engine simply using the 'Data Feeds' from the PPCs and start earning commission straightaway

5. Run a speciality content-search engine

You can make an 'Image Metasearch Engine' or any other content search engine simply by selecting a number of preferred sources and combining them together.


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