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Real-Life Demos

In order to keep things simple, these demos usually show a limited set of products, extensions and features only. If you cannot find a product or feature you are looking for or want to know about all the available products, services, features and options, please contact us.

 Qkport: Live Portal   August 01, 2007: New Live Portal site. Shows our new Live Portal solution along with latest 'EMS Integra' search engine, 'LiveKnowledge', 'News Mini-Portal' and a number of other extensions and service. New generation, fully interactive, personalized portal. Live Portal is available is a number of versions to suit web portals, information portals of all types and sizes.   Main product site for innovative, high capacity enterprise range solutions, federated search engine, information clustering, metasearch engine, specialized search and portal solutions.   Typical demo site with our cutting-edge metasearch solutions. World's only 3-in-1 metasearch engine. Based on new 'Integra' search system. With an 'Integra' system you can build a fully customizable/configurable metasearch with any 1 or more search methods. This demo shows all 3 search methods integrated as a fully inter-operable multi-method search solution. Multi-lingual Interface and Extended Customization Options including our Innovative Instant 1-Click Settings.

Available for both web and corporate/intranet environment. Search methods you choose from (1 or more in any combination):
  1. Clustering Search (Instant Auto-Categorization)
  2. Combined/Blended Search
  3. Split/Per-Engine Search

Find out more in these help pages (to be perceived from the view point of a site visitor)   Showcase demo web-portal running since 1998. Using a Hi-Power Metasearch engine, Web guide, Advanced Search, Preference Setting and Dynamic Search Status (Search Viewer) combined together. Other Content options include: Horoscope, News Headliner etc.


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