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News Headliner    New Release !

- Pre-generates news headlines in the background and keeps them prepared for instant inclusion to static and dynamic web pages (using SSI like include) anywhere on your site.

- News Headlines are refreshed on a regular basis; you can set the refresh interval (every hour, every 1.5 hour, every 2 hours etc.)

- Ability to choose from more than 300 general/major category news topics on almost every major area: Business, Technology and Region (country), Society and other industry sectors.

- Local language news headlines for specific countries (Deutsch, Espa˝ol, Franšais, Italiano, Nederlands etc.).

- Can be included in our MetaSearch (standard, hi-power, corporate versions) and Advanced Directory (standard and DUO) pages as instant include using built-in dynamic-include support present in recent versions (version 5.xx and higher).

- A must for sites showing News Headlines on popular pages (like home page). Hence news headlines are pre-generated, there is no page loading delay for fetchting your news from a remote third-party server through javascript or similar means which can cause severe service disruption at busy times.

See the list of available News Categories and Topics:

>> Try all available News Categories and Topics

See a real-life example of 'News Headliner' used in our custom built web-portal:

>> Real-life Example

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