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Advanced Directory: Live Demo

Advanced Directory is available in many variations. You can purchase the entire Open Directory (ODP) or for a specific Country or Region. Full (complete) pack comes with both 'directory-content' and 'search-pack' with super fast full-searching like a major search engine.

Country or Regional or Customized directory packages usually come complete with both 'directory-pack' and 'search-pack' for that country (or region or category).
Country / Regional packages include: Canada, UK, Deutsch (Germany), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Italiano (Italy), Nederlands (Netherlands), Svenska, Swedish (Sweden), Australia, New Zealand, Polish (Poland), Irish (Ireland) etc.

If you cannot find the country or region you are interested in; please contact sales. If you are looking for a customized/specialized solution; please consult sales with a description of your requirements.

These examples also show how Advanced Directory can easily be used along with 'Advanced MetaSearch Engine' to create a Complex Portal with wider search and directory system. Try searching the directory and see for yourself.

Choose any example from the left menu-bar to see it in Action.

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