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Advanced Directory: Buy Now !

Special Price Reduction: Buy now and save !
As an additional bonus, take advantage of our free installation (usual installation/rer-installation price $50 USD).

You can order 'Advanced Directory' anytime using our secure online ordering system. Purchase can be made with any major Credit Card anytime from anywhere. DigiBuy (Digital River Inc.) and/or PayPal (an eBay company) are our authorized processors for online transactions.

You can also purchase 'Advanced Directory' by Telephone, Fax, Purchase Order or Bank/Wire transfer.

If you are not in a position to use a Credit Card; you can also purchase by Bank/Wire Transfer (no Credit Card necessary). Contact Sales for details.

Note: Please make sure you clarify all the details before making the purchase. If you have questions about any issues not mentioned in this site, contact Sales any time.

Package Description:
1. Latest 'Advanced Directory (Version 5.xx, standard)' package with Example Templates and Installation Instructions/user-guide.
2. Zone Support Addon
3. Intermediary-Promotion Addon
4. Three (3) Months Free Technical Support (extendable); iIncludes upgrades/updates within the same version series.

Price List (full directory pack/s):

Advanced Directory (directory-content only; entire ODP. This pack does NOT include directory-searching). You may want to order this package if you already have a search engine and just want to expand your site/portal with a webguide.
$250.00 US Dollars.

Advanced Directory (complete with directory-content and full directory-search packs; entire ODP):
$375.00 US Dollars.

Price List (Country / Regional pack):
[ comes complete with both directory-content and search packs ]

Advanced Directory - Australia: $250.00 US Dollars.
Advanced Directory - Canada: $275.00 US Dollars.
Advanced Directory - Deutsch: $275.00 US Dollars.
Advanced Directory - French: $275.00 US Dollars.
Advanced Directory - Ireland: $275.00 US Dollars .
Advanced Directory - Italiano: $275.00 US Dollars.
Advanced Directory - Nederlands: $275.00 US Dollars.
Advanced Directory - New Zealand: $275.00 US Dollars .
Advanced Directory - Polish: $275.00 US Dollars.
Advanced Directory - Spanish: $275.00 US Dollars.
Advanced Directory - Svenska: $275.00 US Dollars.
Advanced Directory - Swedish: $275.00 US Dollars.

For other country packages and pricing, please contact Sales.

Price List (Adult pack only):
[ comes complete with both Adult directory-content and adult-search packs ]
$300.00 US Dollars.
Please contact Sales for Adult-pack demo or ordering details.

Note: All the above mentioned prices are for 1 single Licence eligible for use on 1 single domain/site only. For Portal-Pack (any 'Advanced Directory' pack plus 'Advanced MetaSearch Engine' packs) prices, please contact sales with your requirements for pricing.

Purchase and Usage Conditions:

1. This 'Advanced Directory' Program and other related files (hereinafter mentioned as 'Program') remains under the copyright of CurryGuide which includes the programming design, architecture, individual operational blocks, subroutines etc. You, the buyer quoted as the 'buyer' hereinafter is granted unlimited usage Licence.

2. The 'buyer' must have a fully working web server with Perl version 5 installed.
(see 'Requirements' if not sure)

3. The 'Program' as a whole or any part of it may NOT be resold, copied, modified, transferred to another party or used in any other program for ANY purposes.

4. Technical support is provided under the terms defined in the 'Package Description' mentioned earlier.

5. Under no circumstances CurryGuide shall be held liable to ANY loses, fines, judiciary proceedings directly or indirectly related to purchase or usage of this 'Program'.

6. One single license entitles the 'buyer' to use it on one (1) single individually identifiable domain ONLY.
The 'buyer' also understands that a License cannot be changed or transferred to another domain even if the initial domain is no longer being used (or managed) by the 'buyer'.

7. CurryGuide reserves the sole right to review and/or change the 'Purchase and Usage Conditions'. Current 'Purchase and Usage Conditions' will be available on a CurryGuide website.

8. Our Refund Policy:
If, for any specific reason, you are not satisfied; refund can be claimed within 10 days of purchase.
(In case of any refund, License-Code will be disabled automatically)

9. The 'buyer' must identify his/her requirements and suitability of 'Advanced Directory' and clarify all technical compatability issues before making the purchase

If, only if you are completely agreed (with full understanding) to all of the above conditions, click on the 'Order' link below. As soon as the processing is complete you will be able to download necessary instructions on how to get your 'Advanced Directory' package delivered to you.

Online Ordering:   please contact Sales for ordering information.


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