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Free Virtual Search Engine (VSE): Sign-up

A Special Note:
If you cannot remember your CORRECT and VALID E-Mail and your website-URL, please do not proceed. No Account will be issued unless ALL details true and valid. We must be able to reach you should there be a real need relating this service. We do NOT use your e-mail for regular bulk-mailing. Thank you for your understanding.

Please give the following details about you, your web site where you want to put the search engine. You will also need to choose an Accountname for your 'Search Engine Administration'. ALL details MUST be CORRECT and VALID.
Choose an Accountname:

NOTE: Your VSE accountname MUST be a single word and can contain alphabets (from 'a' to 'z' and/or digits (0 to 9) only. Do NOT use unusual or control characters. You will need this Accountname to use and maintain your VSE.
Your Full Name:
If it is a personal query, please write "Personal" in the above box
Type of business:
If it is a personal query, please write "Personal" in the above box
Your title/position:
If it is a personal query, please write "Personal" in the above box
Contact E-Mail:
Full Website URL:
(Where you want to use your Search Engine)

Example: NOTE: This MUST be the top URL of the site where you want to put your Search Engine.
Country of Location:
Traffic Level:
(PageViews per Month)

If you are NOT sure about the figure, choose an estimated value.
Choose a Category:
Please choose a category that best matches your site content

Please check the details and click the 'Proceed' button once to submit your request for a Free VSE. Click ONCE only and be patient, as this may take a up to 60 seconds.

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