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Advanced Virtual Search Engine (Free)

Fully managed, truly configurable, no hassle, free search engine for all. Based on our individual virtual search server technology serving the web community since 1997. Now offers even more features and options... search by country or search any specialty channel like: auction, jobs, mp3 / music, ftp / downloads, online news, books etc.

Add it to your site for free in a matter of minutes and let it work like a major search engine.

Truly cross-browser compatible and universally accessible search solution (no fancy scripting used to generate the search results). Any visitor with any browser (and privacy, security settings) can safely use our VSE.

Fully customizable using online administration panel. You can use javascript (or any other scripting) on your result-pages though.

[ For full details on our fee-based/paid Advanced Virtual Search Engine (VSE) packages, please visit the VSE Product site ]

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Use the following options to try other features that are available on our 'Virtual Search Engines' (VSE)
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