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Document Clustering, Multi-Search/Metasearch & Web Portal Solutions


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    Page Last updated:
    January 12, 2013.
 Enterprise, Hi-Power Range Solutions:       [ See Demos ]
 Solutions for busy, high-traffic sites, web-portals, search engines, enterprises, corporations, government agencies, organizations, libraries.
  New, fully interactive, fully personalizable, dynamic Live Portal (PRO/ENT Version)New Frontend CMS solutions available now. Try it here.

- Multi-Threaded, faceted information clustering, integration and delivery Systems, Clustering Search Engine Software and SolutionsNew  (web, intranet)
- Smart, on the fly Document Clustering and Auto-CategorizationNew  (web, intranet)
- Metasearch Engine / Multi-search / Content-Integration (web, intranet)
- Knowledge Based information integration software and solutions.
- Specialized information aggregation, retrieval (IR) and visualization.
- Web guide solutions.
- PPC (pay-per-click), Add-URL, Affiliation/Syndication Management.
- Customized content channels: News Headlines, Horoscopes, Weather etc.
- Outsourcing: Search engine, web portal, metasearch engine design, delivery and management.
- New, innovative, customized, specialized solutions.
 Standard, Moderate Range Solutions:
 Commercial programs, cgi scripts, solutions for new, growing sites. Also suitable for web-portals / search engines, corporations, government agencies, organizations, libraries with moderate level of traffic.
  - Auto-SuggestNew Product: instant, commercial strength auto suggest solutions. Product details.
- Meta Search Engine / Content-Integration: instant Web search, Blog Search, Image/Photo Search, Job Search, News Search and various other content channel search solutions at an affordable price.
- Live Portal (Compact, v2.3): instant, web 2.0 compliant, purpose-built dynamic drag drop front-end/CMS portal system.
- Instant Web guide solutions
- PPC (pay-per-click), Add-URL solutions.
- Customized, specially-built, solutions, affiliate/PPC feed integration.
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