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BestSeller BookShop
(for affiliates only)

Service upgrade Note: our BestSeller BookShop System is currently undergoing extensive upgrade and conversion. Please visit again later.

Bestseller Bookshop is an Advanced Book sales storefront with integrated Book-Search system and can contain more than 600 pages of featured books and unlimited book-categories. A real money making solution, ensures accurate targeting, higher sales and revenue. The time of simply sticking a 'Buy Books' logo and Wait is over!

1. It is your own BookShop with your own site-design, layout, adverts and Amazon associate ID.

2. No risk of Copyright conflict or breach of agreement with Amazon. Your BookShop always maintains its own unique design, and individual layout. It is NOT a cloned or copied or unauthorized reproduction of official Amazon site (including design, layout, logos and URL; either in part or full).

3. Sell more and always earn HIGHER commission, 15% instead of usual 5%

4. More than 600 pages of current content (more than 5000 chosen books plus more generated by Book-Search), options to add more.

5. Featured 'BestSeller' section (Main BookShop) with full color Review for individual Books.

6. Option to add (to the main BookShop) specific Category BookShops on more than 105 readily available (pre-built) topics/subjects. Readily available (Pre-built) categories are listed here.

7. Ability to create own Category Bookshops on any specific topic, subject or content-type. Example: If you have a site dedicated on Programming, you can easily create specific categories on Programming in Perl, Programming in C, Books on Linux, Programming in Visual Basic etc.

8. Integrated real-time Book-Search system.

9. New Ability to create Independent Front-page (a separate Store Front) with a more sophisticate design. Perfect for running an entire domain or sub-domain as a Book Shopping Mall (see 'Advanced Features' section in the User-Guide for more details).

10. Easy and quick administration using point-n-click interface.

11. Instantly adds hundreds of pages of Quality material to your site, thus creating an Unique, well maintained content group for your Ad-Inventory.

12. Automatically updated 6 times a day with current books and pricing.

13. Comes as ready-to-use in a few minutes of ordering. However, you can easily customize entire BookShop interface (including design, layout etc.) to match your requirements.

14. ALL Advanced Features are available to use. (Create own categories, Hottest-3, Direct Category Linking, Book search, Independent Front Page, Intermediary Promotion, Adding web-search with Book-Search etc.)

15. 100% Localization in your own Language.

16. No exclusive sign of us as the service provider. Its totally yours (design, layout, graphics, links, banners, Adverts, COMMISSIONS etc.)

17. New Easy integration with Web-Search. If you are using our Search Engine (Paid or Free), you can easily offer Book Searching and Web Searching using the same Form. For details, please see the Advanced Features section in BookShop User-Guide.

18. Free Technical Support.

19. No software installation, no other maintenance or development fees, no programming nightmare. We maintain, update and run it for you 24 hours a day. You simply concentrate on other issues.

Details on available packages are Here

BestSeller BookShop is currently available for affiliates only. For in-depth technical details, please see the User-Guide.

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