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   Advanced MetaSearch Engine ( version 4.x)


Latest Version (AM 5.xx, Standard) is out !!!

Please visit the new version 5.xx product site.


Main Features:
• Super fast searching with intelligent parallel processing core engine. New version is here.

• Automatically handles advanced query syntax (boolean connectors: +, '-', "", AND, OR, NOT, and, or, not). Also supports other conventional matching
criteria: all the words, any word and exact text (as a phrase).

• Relevant 'Keyword' matching and linking from previous search (search-ready keywords set).

• Truly 100% control on dynamic output layout and positioning. Dynamically generated elements (results, link-bars, tool-box, page-numbers, totals etc. are no longer restricted by the script).

• Dual-Search mechanism automatically handles both 'Keywords' and 'Ask-A-Question' based queries. (your visitors can simply Ask a Question or Search with Keywords)

• Dual-Sorting enables Combined-Ranking with duplication removal OR All-Results.

• Open structure. Engine modules are totally detached from the main script. Any custom-built or additional engine-module/s can added, removed or replaced anytime without ANY script update.

• Built-in protection against invalid or dangerous user-inputs. The script will automatically ignore improper inputs and carry-on searching without any problems or errors.

• Keyword-Logger with automated log rotation; option to disable logging.

• Unlimited Search redirection support. (If you have other types of search programs/scripts, you can add them ALL on the same Search-Form as options. No need to create separate Search-Forms).

• No programming knowledge required.

• Full range of optuonal addons/extensions are available to extend the functionalities of your search engine any time. Example: Engine-Select, Country-Search, Intermediary Promotion, Framed Redirection etc. (See Addons for details on available Addons)

• Ability to add any speciality-search addon. Example: Job-Search, Auction-Search, MP3-Search, FTP-Downloads Search, Book-Search, News-Search etc. (See Addons for details on available Addons)

• Tool-Box menu for tracing most appropriate results quickly and easily. Helps analyze the results in various ways.

• Best metasearch engine at an affordable price.

Are you ready? Click on the 'I want to order' link below to find out more on available packages. In case you are looking for a professional level Free search engine, you can have it from here.

I want to order

If you have questions regarding any issue not discussed in this site, please contact Sales.

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