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Advanced MetaSearch Engine:   Version 5.9.8, Standard


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Free Installation !
Free Initial Installation on request (You save time and $45.00 USD. This offer applies to all packages. Buy now.

- Fast and reliable metasearch engine at an affordable price.

- Lots of (optional) add-ons, extensions to expand the capabilities. This means your metasearch do not actually need them. You can add any add-on, extension any time if you want that extra feature. There is no need to even stop the service while making such expansions.

- Standard packages come ready for web searching only. If you want you can add any speciality content-search pack: image-search, mp3-search, shopping-search, auction-search, news-search etc. any time later.

- Totally detached result data-source (engine-module) architecture. You are not tied to use any selected set of engine-modules. This gives you the freedom to add more engine-modules or replace/remove any engine-module any time (no service stoppage or setting changes required).

- Comes as ready to search as soon as you install it. After that all you should do is customize it to include your own design, layout and HTML customizations. No programming involved.

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(Note that this trial demo includes a number of optional add-ons, extensions so that you can see them in action.)

Other things you can do with our MetaSearch Solutions...

Here are some of the possible implementations we can deliver. Please contact us for further details. Free consultations available.

1. Run an affiliate metasearch engine or a Shopping-Search Engine

If you are too eager to make quick money using your affiliation with PPC (Pay-per-click) engines; we can quickly deliver an affiliate-search engine to generate results from only (or mainly) from your affiliate feeds (XML, HTML, XSTL etc.).
You will still be able to expand it (at your will) using almost all the optional available addons, extensions. You can even add other speciality content-search packs any time.

Another quick example: if you are an Amazon affiliate, you can quickly start a shopping-search engine simply using the 'Amazon Affiliate/Product Search Collection'. You could instantly offer 17 different types of product searching and start earning commission.

2. Run a speciality content-search engine

As for example: you can make a 'Advanced Image Search Engine' to make an image metasearch engine or a metasearch engine with any other speciality-content. You will still be able to expand it (at your will) using almost all the optional addons, extensions. You can even add other speciality content-search packs (including web-search) any time.

3. Run a metasearch engine for a country

You can make a metasearch for your a country with a selection of country-specific result/data sources (we can help choose the sources if you want). And again, you will still be able to expand it (at your will) using almost all the optional addons/extensions available. You can even add other speciality content-search packs (including general web-search) any time.

4. Run your own PPC

If you are committed, you can move into bigger arena by starting your own PPC Keyword-Bidding or Paid Add-URL or APS (PPC Keyword-Bidding and Paid Add-URL Combo).

If this is not enough, you can start your own affiliation service just like any other major PPC. This way you can widen your market through your own affiliate network in a revenue sharing platform of your choosing.

We can help you all the way.

5. Run it as a research/analyzing/search tool for your organization or company

A typical scenario: you can make a metasearch tool to combine a number of searchable data sources together and create an unified search interface. This will allow your members/employees/researchers/visitors quickly find the best results from all the sources simultaneously and presented in an easy, understandable format.

We can provide solutions for your corporate intranet as well as for the open web.

- Note, that our metasearch solutions are also available in Hi-Power and Corporate packages for high traffic and corporate sites.
- Some solutions/implementations may require a hi-power or corporate level solution.
- Contact us if you want to discuss further or cannot find a solution for your purposes.

If you have further questions regarding our products, services or vast range of other solutions, contact Sales.


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