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Performance Enhancement

With a little care you can significantly increase the overall performance and response time of your search engine. Simply follow these guidelines:

1. Use neat and clean HTML to design your 'html Template'. Search pages are created using the design of the html Template and bad HTML will cause result pages to load slowly on your visitors browsers.
2. Try to keep the size of the 'html Template' as small as possible. Avoid using unnecessary comments.
3. Minimise the number of Images. More images always make things slower. Even if you use images, try to use optimized (less in size) images.
4. It is almost always a BAD idea to put Java Applets on search Pages as they take extra time load. On Netscape browsers they often take too long before the page is actually drawn on the screen. Javascripts are not always browser friendly, so check them thoroughly or better do not use them if in doubt. Remember: you never know what type or version of browser your visitor might be using!
5. If you are comfortable with HTML, try to check/edit your 'html Template' manually. Graphical HTML Editors often include lots of unnecessary codes. Remember, less CODE means smaller page size and faster download. Try to use a simple TEXT Editor if your 'Too Easy to Use' HTML Editor is not too good for this.

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