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Errors / Problems

This place includes a number of common errors/mistakes/problems and their solutions. If this does not help; please feel free to contact our VSE Technical Support Team.

Q1. Why images are not loaded (or broken Links) on the Result Page?
Make sure you have made ALL the Images (gif,jpeg etc.) and Link-URLs absolute (NOT relative or short URL)
<IMG SRC="" ... >
<a href="" ... >

Q2. Why CurryGuide Home Page appears instead of search results?
You did NOT include your AccountName in your Search-Box correctly. You must include your AccountName as shown below:
<input type=hidden name="ac" value="VSEACCOUNTNAME">
You MUST replace VSEACCOUNTNAME with your own VSE AccountName.

If this does not help, please make sure:
(A) NO Search-Box Inputs are placed outside the Search-Form boundary. All Search-Box Inputs must be placed between the following:
other Form Inputs
(B) Check the 'ACTION' parameter in the above Form Heading. It must direct to your Search-URL (See 'Search-Box' section for details)
(C) Some HTML Editors makes the 'ACTION' parameters invalid for some browsers by adding empty space with-in the double-quotes. If this is the case, remove the empty spaces using a Plain Text Editor.
(D) If you still get the same problem, check if your VSE setup is correct using somethig like the following Test URL. Replace the VSEURL with the Real URL of your 'Virtual Search Engine' and VSEACCOUNTNAME with your own VSE AccountName. Type it correctly in the browser window and click 'Enter'.
Test URL:
(If this URL works; your Virtual Search Engine is installed correctly. Check your Search-Box design again for errors)

Q3. I have been trying to change/assign my 'html Template' (Result Template) but the auto-installer waits about a minute and gives a time-out error. What's wrong?
This is NOT an error. It happens when your server is too busy (or overloaded or there is extreamly heavy traffic on the route between your server and ours) and it takes more than a minute to fetch the Result Template. Please wait for some time and try again. If it happens persistently, you should REALLY check the performance of your server.
Tip: Under usual circumstances, changing/assigning the 'html Template' should not take more than a few seconds.

Q4. I cannot change the 'html Template (Result Template) !!!
Make sure you type the correct FULL URL of the original 'html Template' on your server. You should also make sure that your Result Template includes system code $SEARCHRESULTS where the search results would show-up.

Q5. My Result Page has a background image set as page background. But is is not loaded !!!
ALL the images on your 'htmlt Templete' MUST have full (absolute) URL. If I understood you correctly, you are using an image as a page background and when search results are shown, the result page does not show the background image. Here is why....
You are using something like the following:

<title>Title of Your Page</title>
<body background="background.gif" text="000000" link="0000ff" vlink="808080">
All you need is put the full URL of the background image (instead of the relative URL shown in red text) like the following:

Q6. Is the any Spanish translation of the setup instructions?
At the moment the instructions are in English only. However, if you have difficulty with English, please send your Questions/Problem Report in any of the following languages.
Spanish, French, Italian, German.

Q7. I cannot center the results keeping the original layout. I used
<p align=center>$SEARCHRESULTS</p>
but it destroys the layout and centers every line !!!
Use a table to change the alignment of results. The idea is, put the results in a table and change the alignment of the table as required. See the example below:

<table   .......   >



Hint: You can control the width of results layout with an appropriate TABLE WIDTH. Do NOT make the width of the page or Table less than 480 pixels, otherwise results may not always fit nicely on every screen.

Q8. I cannot Log-On to my Administration Area, it says incorrect Inputs?
Please make sure you are going to the right Administration Area. The best way to locate your 'Administration Area' is to visit the VSE Documentation/User-Guide and follow the links. Also remember that AccountNames and Passwords are CaSe Sensitive.

Still, cannot work it out? Ask Customer Support using the 'Technical Support' button on the top of your 'Administration Panel'.

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