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Virtual Search Engine (VSE): User-Guide
(with New and faster search)

December 05, 2002: VSE search software upgraded and improved. Now with faster and better searching.  try it here.

CurryGuide offers one of the most intelligent and advanced meta search engines available on the net today. With our own technology and software, we intend to continue offering the easiest and best performing web-search systems to our honorable customers/visitors all over the world.

Virtual Search Engines (VSE) are based on a new concept called 'Virtual Search Server', first introduced by CurryGuide in 1998. A Virtual Search Server is no different than a fully configurable, independent search engine running solely based on configurations set by the user.

Virtual Search Engines are fully managed by us and you can configure, modify, update them from your secure Administration Area. You do not need to install any scripts or programs on your server. You do not even need any cgi permission on your server. They are ready to use as soon as you order or sign-up.

Currently our 'Virtual Search Server' based metasearch engines offer an extensive range of New and Advanced options thus making it a perfect environment for building an UNIQUE search engine with its unique set of functionality and features. Unlimited design options extend its abilities even further.

Our Virtual Search Engines are especially suitable for those webmasters, site managers, businesses who are fully aware of the growing strength of internet as a global business media and Need a managed (outsourced) searching solution at an affordable price. A total outsourcing solution for webmasters, site-owners who do not wish to engage additional resources on running and regular maintenance.

All 'Virtual Search Server' based meta (multi) search engines allow 100% customization/Localization using the secure Administration-Area. Most of the customization is done using an easy click-n-choose interface requiring little or no knowledge of HTML coding. However, custom HTML is allowed and anyone with a sound knowledge of HTML coding can create a wonder search-engine without any programming or cgi knowledge.

Administration Area
(for existing users/customers)

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Please use the above links to go to your 'Virtual Search Engine' Administration Area.
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