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Advanced Virtual Search Engine (VSE)

'Virtual Search Engine' (VSE) is an affordable, robust metasearch solution especially suitable for webmasters, businesses and site-owners who want a Fully Managed, commercial strength search engine. A perfect outsourcing solution for site-owners, webmasters who do not wish to engage additional resources into day-to-day running and maintenance of their search engine. VSE is a remotely hosted search solution and the actual searching is carried out on our servers.

Core Features and Advantages:

1. Truly cross-browser compatible and universally accessible search solution (no fancy scripting used to generate the search results). Any visitor with any browser (and privacy, security settings) can safely use our VSE.
You can use javascript (or any other scripting) on your result-pages though.

2. Fully customizable using online administration panel.

3. No need to deal with any programming, content-security or cgi related issues. A perfect outsourcing solution.

4. New Dual-Search mechanism automatically allows both Keyword based and latest ASK-A-Question based searching. ASK-A-Question based searching can automatically handle questions in multiple languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish).

5. All popular matching criteria and options (including Boolean syntax).

6. Ability to search in a country allows search within specific countries.

7. Template based design allows quick and easy customization. Secure web based Administration Area allows 100% customization and Localization.

8. Built-in promotional and marketing support, Safe Searching support and more ...

9. Specialty Search options enables searching for various content types: News, MP3, FTP, Books, Auction, Jobs etc.

Please find out more on our Virtual Search Engines by using the links on the left side-menu. For full details and usage information visit the VSE User-Guide/Documentation site.

Still not convinced? Try a FREE VSE and see for yourself. You can always migrate your Free VSE to a paid VSE or any other suitable package when the time is right for you.

We have designed a number of packages to suit the needs of webmasters and site-owners of all levels (see Packages for details):
1. Virtual-Search Lite
2. Virtual-Search Silver
3. Virtual-Search Gold
4. Virtual-Search Diamond
5. Corporate Search
6. Mega Search

Locally Installable version: If you are more interested in running a metasearch engine from your own server, you can consider our 'Advanced MetaSearch Engine' as a robust, professional yet affordable solution. Details on this product is available here.

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