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Advanced MetaSearch Engine: Features List

1. Latest parallel-processing architecture (time-sharing)
Can handle lots of engine-modules with much faster searching.

2. Truly 100% positioning and Professional quality customization
All dynamically generated elements can be placed anywhere with-in the dynamic result output space (Template based). Positioning is no longer controlled by the script (results/links, Tool-Box, Link-Bar, Page-Number, Total result number and ALL other relevant elements can be placed as required.

Furthermore, individual result HTML, Link-Bar is fully customizable. You can choose how each result output should look-like, How the Link-Bar should look like (including the option to set 'Prev', 'Next' style labelling) and more. Entire output can also be customized in ANY Language (excluding the actual results returned by the major engines/sources). You can also choose to stop any dynamic elements from showing up or show them in multiple places/locations.

3. Advanced (Boolean) query syntax
In addition to usual 'all the words', 'any word', 'exact text' (phrase) it can automatically detect advanced boolean connectors (+, -, "", AND, OR, NOT, and, or, not) and handle the search accordingly.

4. Relevant Keyword Matching and automated Keyword-Logging management
Can produce relevant Keyword matchings (based on previous searches). The Keyword matching output is also fully customizable and can be placed anywhere with-in the dynamic result output space. Keyword log files are duly rotated by the script (customizable).

5. Fully customizable Link-Bar
The Link-Bar can also be customized any way you want. You can put any delimiter between the links (to other result pages), put 'Previous', 'Next' buttons with your chosen label. You can also show the Link-Bar in multiple places with different HTML attributes.

6. Dual Search Mechanism
Automatically handles both 'Keywords' and 'Ask-A-Question' (in English) based queries. (your visitors can simply ask a natural question or search using 'Keywords'). 'Ask-A-Question' support for other languages (Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch) can optionally be added (further customization costs applies).

7. Ranking On/Off
Search results can be internally ranked with duplicate urls removed (DEFAULT) or set to off to show ALL results.

8. Detached Module architecture
Engine modules are totally detached from the main script. Any engine-module can be added or removed or replaced any time without any service interruption.
(Users with sound perl knowledge can build their own engine-modules. An easy to follow module building guide can be provided to existing customers on request).

9. External Redirection
unlimited support for redirection to other search/localsearch scripts with original query. You can add all these options on the same search form (search-box).

10. Advanced Query Manipulation
The input query can be used in many ways to create dynamic linking on result pages. The input query is available in 3 different form: raw, encoded and ultra-clean encoded. The ultra-clean encoded query is quite suitable for passing to any professional Ad-Banner management program (like 'Dart') to produce Keyword based ad-banner exposures (your ad-banner program should be able to show banners based on keywords). The script also generates unique random numbers to support functionalities (like stopping banner caching) recommended by most ad-banner programs.

11. Speciality Searching
Built-in support for any number of specialty search options. Example: Auction-Search, MP3-Search, FTP-Search etc. Users can build their own specialty search bundle (must be good at perl programming). No need to modify the main script. No service interruption is required. Each Specialty-Search has its own customization file and Template and can have totally different output.

12. Add-ons/Extensions
Availability of a vast range of optional add-ons to extend the functionalities of the Advanced MetaSearch script. See 'Addons-Extensions' section for full details on available Addons-Extensions..

13. 'Advanced Directory' Friendly (Complex Portal System)
If you are using our 'Advanced Directory' or plan to use it in future (including country-specific Directory packages: Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, UK etc.); you will be able to integrate all MetaSearch specialty-search options (main web-search and any other Specialty-Search packages: auction-search, mp3-search, news-search, ftp-search, book-search, job-search etc.) on your Advanced Directory (both directory pages and search pages) same way as on your Advanced MetaSearch Engine. This will allow you to build an interlinked Complex Portal System quickly and easily. Both scripts support each other and runs as an unified application. No need to deal with any programming.
14. Confidence
Availability of more demanding or high power solutions means you are never in a dead-end situation. As your site traffic grows and you need a more powerful solution, you can always get an upgraded or empowered version from us at an affordable price. Our high-power solutions are working behind an increasing number of successful and well known portals in many countries.

15. Future-proof
New Versions as well as new add-ons are being made available from time to time to ensure that your search engine is always equipped with latest and popular features. You always have the opportunity to add new and popular features or custom engine-modules on your search engine as required.

No one runs more metasearch engines on this planet

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