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Advanced MetaSearch: Technical Support

Standard Technical-Support comes Free with your 'Advanced MetaSearch' package which Includes: 90 days (extendable) e-mail support on installation and relevant issues from the date of purchase. This also includes unlimited visits to the 'User-Area' and 'Download Center' for latest updates, engine-module downloads

How to contact Technical Support:
Please consult the documentation that came with your Advanced MetaSearch main package for details on how to contact Technical Support. You can also contact technical support or Sales from your User-Area.

Future Compatability: This issue may not be important to you if your are well familiar with Perl. As you might be aware of the fact, that metasearch engines fetch results from a number of data sources (at least one or more) and show them after internal processing. If any of the data-sources (also known as engine-modules) included in your MetaSearch Engine makes changes to the output syntax you may need to modify your matching criteria for that data-source (engine-module). Under usual circumstances, such changes should not affect the operation of your MetaSearch Engine but it may not be able to produce the results from that data source. Your metasearch engine should continue to work with the remaining engine modules. To correct this, you will need to modify the 'Matching Criteria' (Regular Expression) for that major engine (in the engine-module file).

However, our 24 hour Download Center' provides you with all updated modules for all standard data sources and speciality-search (channel search) bundles. Whenever you feel some data sources may have changed, you can download the latest updates from your download center provided you have a valid/active support policy. You are also allowed to change, customize, modify any engine-module if necessary. You are also allowed to build and use your own engine-modules.

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