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Advanced MetaSearch Engine: Requirements

System Requirements:
1. You must have a working (online) web server (Apache, IIS, Zeus, iPlanet etc.) with permission to run your own cgi scripts (CGI enabled).
2. Your internet domain name.
3. Running any of the following operating systems (recent releases):
Linux (virtually all variants: RedHat, Fedora, Debian, Slackware, Caldera, CentOS etc.)
Windows (Vista, 2000, XT, NT etc.)*
SunOS (Solaris)

For information on other operating systems, please contact sales.
* - In Windows OS, the user must have full permission to run own executables.
4. The program usually takes less than 3 MB of disk space, but you should have atleast 10 MB (megabyte) or more free disk space available on your server.
Other Requirements:
Atleast some entry level HTML knowledge will be required as you (or your site designer) will need to customize the HTML Template/s (provided) with your own site design, images, banners, links etc. This is an ordinary HTML document used to create the Result pages. You can put your images, banners, links etc. on this HTML Template. (Working Example is provided).

Programming Requirements:

The program comes as 'ready to search' and you do not need to have any programming knowledge to run Advanced MetaSearch on your server.
Note: There is NO need to make any modifications in the main program files. All customization issues are dealt with by easy to follow configuration files (like a text file) with full description and tips on customization (including examples). Unless you are a highly demanding webmaster; you would not have to make much changes in configurations.
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