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Advanced Directory: Frequent Questions

1. Do I have to create all these categories myself?
Answer: NO. Advanced Directory is ready as soon as you install it. ALL the categories, sub-categories, links are fetched, organized and produced by the script. You do NOT need to deal with any manual editing or data/category creation. All data related issues are automatically handled by the script.

2. How much disk space do I need to run Advanced Directory?
Answer: You should have at least 15 Megabytes (MB) of disk space. However, Advanced Directory can temporarily cache a reasonable amount of content locally to improve performance. If you have more disk space you will be able allow more content to be cached. This will make your directory run even faster. This temporary cache is refreshed automatically on a regular basis.

3. Can I create Side-Panels to place links/small ad-banners or interactive-links?
Answer: Yes. Advanced Directory outputs each directory element individually. This makes it easy to add anything on your directory (and search result) pages. You can add side-panels exactly the same way as on an ordinary HTML document. You can create static, dynamic/interactive links, search-links (with Keywords automatically added) and ad-banner links anywhere on your directory (and search result) pages.

4. How often the local cache is refreshed?
Answer: You can set the freshness time limit as suited. The default setting usually works fine. However, you can set any appropriate freshness time-limit. Cached contents are automatically purged/refreshed on a regular basis. Existing customers please see the ReadMe file for details.

5. What if ODP changes its directory structure?
Answer: As mentioned earlier, Advanced Directory refreshes all content on a regular basis. So, your directory will always follow valid ODP structure.

6. Can I run Advanced Directory on NT server?
Answer: Yes. Advanced Directory works on both UNIX and NT machines.

7. Do I need to have/install any additional Libraries like LWP?
Answer: NO. Just a standard Perl installation will be fine (see Requirements for more).

8. I am curious about the built-in Date/Time feature. My website is hosted on a Virtual server located in a different country. The local time (system time) differs from my own local time. Can I still make Advanced Directory to show Time/Date in my local time?
Answer: Yes. You have the option to set a time difference to match any time-zone.

9. Can I use different output formats for Directories, Related Categories and Links?
Answer: Yes.

10. Can I set a different page design for different categories?
Answer: Yes. You can set different designs (Templates) for different main-categories.

11. Some categories on ODP include too many links. Can I set a number of links to be shown per-page?
Answer: Yes you can. You can choose to show any number of links per-page.

12. Do I have to include all the ODP main categories in my Directory?
Answer: No. You can choose all or any number of main categories; you can also include them in ANY order and style (as HTML links, Select-Box etc).

13. Do I have to show any CurryGuide Logo or put a link to CurryGuide?
Answer: No.

14. Can I show banners on my Directory pages?
Answer: Yes, you can put banners, links etc. on your directory pages the same way as on an ordinary HTML document. It is your directory and you choose what to put on it. Advanced Directory also has built-in random number generator (helps stop banner caching) and keyword feeder for ad-serving based on Keywords (if your ad-serving application supports it).

15. Can I customize Advanced Directory to look like Yahoo directories?
Answer: Yes. Advanced directory creates the output from 100% extracted data, so you have the ability to customize your output anyway you want.

16. Can I customize the entire interface in Spanish?
Answer: Yes you can. You design the overall interface in any language you prefer. You have full control (100%) on customization, positioning and localization.

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