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Advanced Directory: Features

I. Directory Features
II. Search Engine Features

I. Directory Features

1. 100% content extraction: Advanced Directory creates its output from raw data cleanly extracted from ODP data. As a results it offers maximum control on outout design, layout and style.

2. Built-in support for efficient handling of categories and sub-categories with very large number of resources/links.
Some ODP categories, sub-categories contains large number of links and most ODP programs will either eat-up HUGE system resources causing VERY LONG delay in generating the category or simply end-up causing an embarrassing server error.
Advanced Directory does NOT suffer from any such problem and never causes any additional strain on your server.

3. Multiple output option: Directories (categories) and Related Directories and Resources (Links) output can individually be made either as
(a) Standard HTML Links (with full customization)
(b) Selectable Form Inputs (with full customization).
[ See 'Customization' for more details and examples ]

4. Easy to use HTML style containers allow true 100% control on positioning and output customization. (working examples provided). This also allows even the most demanding webmaster to control the design and output.

5. Ability to create Conceptual search links on all directory pages.
(Each category or sub-category generates a set of most significant Keywords related to that category/sub-category. This can be used to create any kind of content sensitive or conceptual dynamic linking or Banner exposures).

6. ALL the internal customizations are made using a configuration file. No need to modify the original script. This helps make any changes any time without any service interruption. You just set or modify the values to make the changes.

7. Built-in support for Date and Time display (fully customizable hour, minute, second, day, month, year). Date Time can be shown in any format and Time-Zone. Day and Month names can optionally be set in any language (Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian or any other language).

8. Configurable Link-Bar with ability to show any number of Resources/Links per-page..

9. Built-in visitor counter (counts pageviews for both directory and search requests separately).

10. Very low footprint; can easily work on any types of servers including virtual servers. Can also be run as a nph script without any script modification.

11. Built-in data feeder for other external services/applications like: ad serving, dynamic linking, external redirections. Available parameters to use: random number, keywords (original and encoded).

12. Ability to set different Design (Templates) for different main categories.

13. Built-in support for upto 3 levels of redirection. This ensures that if any category on ODP is temporarily removed to a different location your Advanced Directory will fetch it from the new location.

14. Does not need LWP. Just a standard perl installation will be fine to run Advanced Directory on your server.

15. Intelligent cache management. This helps run your Advanced Directory in a much faster way. This also helps run Advanced Directory even if you are too low in disk space.

16. If you are using our 'Advanced MetaSearch Engine', you can also add your all or any search-options directly on the Advanced Directory Search-Forms.

17. NO need to deal with huge databases or any other painful or time-consuming or costly maintenance tasks.

18. A truly professional solution ready to run in a matter of minutes. However, you can customize it in any way you want.

II. Search Engine Features

1. Optimized architecture ensures super fast searching comparable to major search engines.

2. Easy integration with Advanced MetaSearch Engine (both standard and Pro) to create Complex Search (interrelated search with many specialty search options like: News, Jobs, Auctions, Shopping, Music/MP3, FTP, Books etc.). No script modification required.

3. Full control on customization and layout. Matching Directories (categories) and Resources (Links) output can individually be made either as
(a) Standard HTML Links (with full customization)
(b) Selectable Form Inputs (with full customization).
[ See 'Customization' for more details and examples ]

4. Configurable Link-Bar for both Category and Link/Resource matchings.

5. Ability to produce Universal Search system (needs an optional Add-On). This allows to generate combined search results using one or more specialty-search options (Auction, Jobs, Music/MP3, News, Shopping, Books, FTP etc.)

6. Built-in feed for content sensitive dynamic linking, Banner exposures, redirections etc.

7. Supports full Boolean syntax query (+, -, "") connectors can be used to make an advanced search.

8. Search result pages can have quite different design and layout than the directory pages. Search uses its own Template.

9. Can search the entire directory or any specific category.

See Frequent Questions for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

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