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Advanced Directory: Requirements

Advanced Directory runs without any problems on all popular servers with CGI enabled (Apache, IIS, Zeus, iPlanet etc.) and platforms: Windows (NT/XT/2xxx/Vista), MAC and almost all Unix flavour operating systems: Linux (all popular distributions), FreeBSD (all recent versions), SunOS (Solaris), AIX, HP-UX etc.).

A special note for Windows OS servers: you must have full permission to run your own executables.

Minimum System Requirements:
1. You must have a web server (dedicated or Shared or Virtual) with permission to run your own cgi scripts.

2. Perl (version 5.004 or later) installed.

3. The main script and supporting files takes about 3 megabytes (MB) of disk space, but you should have atleast 25 megabytes (25 MB) or more free disk space available in your server to manage the temporary caching used to enhance performance.
For busy sites it is a real advantage to have more disk space as this helps faster operation.


Advanced Directory comes ready to run. All you need to do is assign some path and initial settings. Further details on customizations are available in the 'ReadMe' file that comes with the package. Installation and testing usually takes less than 20 minutes.

Once the installation and testing is complete, you can start making further customizations as necessary

Other Requirements:
Some basic HTML knowledge will be helpful as you will need to update the HTML Template (provided) with your own site design, images, banners, links etc. This is an ordinary HTML document used to create the Result pages. You can put your images, banners, links, javascripts, applets or any other HTML elements on this Template. (Working Examples are provided).

NOTE: 'Advanced Directory' script is NOT suitable for Code modifications or experimental purposes. It is a professionally competent package and you DO NOT NEED to touch the original coding at all. This is not a so called quick-write cgi script where you can expect to rewrite the code with ease. All the customization issues are handled by a separate configuration file.

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