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Metasearch Engines / Solutions

Ultrafast metasearch solution with most up-to-date features. World class solution for top sites.

  • Fast, reliable search with extensive set of advanced features/options.
  • Professional level, template based customization (100%).
  • Advanced Zoning.   [ See Zoning Demo ]
  • Web based administration: customization, search statistics, click statistics, keyword analysis and more. Supports multi-level user access.    [ See Administration Tool Suit Demo ]
  • Optionals: Advanced Search, Search Viewer, Multilingual Interface, Visitor Tracking and more.
  • Control options for search engine robots / spiders / indexers.
  • Ability to add any searchable data-source/feed including affiliate/PPC feeds like:
      Google, FindWhat, SearchFeed, ePilot, Mirago, eSpotting,, Ah-ha, Qualigo or any other.
      You can also include your own search-engine/data-source/directory-index (if you have any).
  • Lots of other important features either built-in or available as optional addons.
  • - Try a Real-Life Demo or see FAQs for additional information.

    - See the list of available metasearch engine packages.

    - Contact us for more information or to talk to an advisor.



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