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1. Supports all popular query types: all the word, any word, phrase, boolean connectors (+, -, "", AND, OR).

2. Extendable: easy to add more content-search (speciality-search) options like: shopping-search, photo-search, mp3/music search, ringtones search, news-search, file-search, kids-search etc. You can add your own custom-built content-search of any kind. Such expansions are dynamic (drop loading) and no service interruption is required.

3. Ability to add any data-source (engine-module) to any search option. You can also add any affiliate engine-module (FindWhat, Ah-ha,, SearchFeed, Mirago, eSpotting, ePilot, Quango or any other).

4. Advanced Zoning allows you to show results from any data-source (engine-modules) as a separate output block with a different output style or show them at the Top of the main results.

5. Two (2) different, interoperable result processing routines (methods): conventional combined result output or Per-Engine result output. Ability to switch between search routines (methods).

6. Much easier customization: 100% customization and full control on positioning elements on result pages.

7. Support for multi-lingual user-interface (optional).

8. Options to interact with major search engine indexers (robots/spiders) in a more efficient way.

9. Ability to dynamically include/embed other types of content/services.

10. Almost anything else you might expect from the best metasearch solution available to date.


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