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Addons / Extensions

A. Built-in Addons:

  • Advanced Zoning: 'Zone Support' (Zoning) lets you show results from any engine-module (search/data source) as a separate output block or at the top of main results. See Zoning Demo.
  • Click Logger: Logs all click-throughs and helps generate click-through statistics as part of the overall search statistics (see 'Administration Tool Suit'). This log data is used to generate click-through rate (%), valid clicks, duplicate clicks based on your own criteria.
  • Family-Filter: By default filters adult keyword/s. You can customize the word listing to impose any different type of restriction.
  • Customizable Content Formatting: contact us for more information.
  • Robot Manager: contact us for more information.
  • Listing Exclusion Module: contact us for more information.
  • User/Abuser-Blocking: contact us for more information.
  • Intermediary Promotion: lets you show a banner/s or HTML-Code/s with-in the results.
  • Framed Redirection: lets you result links to open in a framed window.
  • Optional Addons / Extensions:

  • Layout-Switch Module: automatically* detects and processes the output for mobile, PDA and similar devices. Please contact us for further details.
  • Advanced Search: Let your visitors see in real-time what people are searching for.
  • Search Viewer: Let your visitors see in real-time what people are searching for.
  • Instant 1-Click Customization: contact us for further details.
  • Preferences Interface: Let your visitors customize their experience.
  • Multi-Lingual Interface: Creates a multi-lingual interface.
  • Multi-Domain Module: contact us for further details.
  • User-Tracking Module: contact us for more information.
  • Personal-search Folder/Mailer: Visitors can save search results for future use. They can also email results from their search-folder.
  • Live-Knowledge: Live knowledge integration.
  • News Portal: contact us for further details.
  • Keyword Popularity Ranking: You can let your visitors see the list of most popular keywords ranked by actual search counts.
  • ... plus whole range of other specialized solutions.
  • Other items:

  • Administration Tool Suit: Lets you manage your EMS/Integra or HMS/Integra metasearch engine from a web-based interface. You can customize your templates, view keywords statistics, keyword popularity ranking, search statistics, click-through statistics. You can also list your own priority keywords. These priority keywords are used to generate 'Search Related Keywords'. See Administration Tool Suit Demo. This usually comes bundled with all EMS and HMS range search packages and solutions.
  • These are just some of the popular addons/extensions. If you have a query regarding other addons/extensions; please contact us.


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