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Advanced Directory  
Version: 5.8.x, (Standard) New Version Release !

Instant Directory content for your site or portal. Includes range of New features not found anywhere else. Simulates entire or any part of Open Directory ( ) with 100% layout and HTML customizations. Design your advanced directory (plus search engine) like Yahoo or Altavista or Google or Lycos or Hotbot or with your own unique style and configurations. The best and most professional solution is right here.

Advanced Directory now also available in Country / Regional packages including: Australia, Canada, UK, Deutsch, French, Italiano, Nederlands, Polska, Spanish, Svenska, Swedish and more...

Main Features:

1. Template based output allows quick and easy html customization. Super fast operation like a major search engine (if hosted on a powerful server, Advanced Directory should easily outperform most of the well known search engines/portals in terms of speed, performance and flexibility).

2. Can be run from any types of servers (dedicated, virtual, shared etc.). Fully automated content management. No need to deal with HUGE databases or category creation or regular maintenance. Everything is taken care of by the script.

3. Easy to use HTML style containers for exact positioning of each individual directory element (main category listings, related category listings, Resource/Links listings etc.). Minimum HTML knowledge required.

4. Quick and Easy integration with Advanced MetaSearch Engine (both standard and Pro versions) and specialty-search options (web, Auction, Books, MP3, FTP, News, Jobs etc.) to create Complex search system. Universal (combined searching) can be added as an extension.

5. Multiple output option (multi-column, Form-based etc.) for each individual directory element.

6. Built-in Date/Time generator (configurable in any language and Time-zone).

7. Open architecture design means future upgrades will be easy and painless (without any service interruption).

8. Built-in Visitor counter (pageview count).

9. Intelligent local caching for super-fast operation.

10. The 'Search-Pack' produces super fast search results like a major search engine (full results).

11. Built-in feed for essential services like: banner serving, dynamic linking etc.

12. Automated support for running as an usual cgi script or nph script (no script update necessary).

See Features List for more details on features and available options. If you are not sure if Advanced Directory is right for your site/portal requirements, see Compare.

NOTE: 'Advanced Directory' script is NOT suitable for Code modifications and experimental purposes. It is a professionally competent package and you DO NOT NEED to touch the original coding at all. This is not a so called quick-write cgi script where you can expect to rewrite the code with ease. All the customization issues are handled by a separate configuration file.

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