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Frequent Questions: FAQ

  1. Can I use Auto-Suggest if I am not using any of your other products?
    Yes. Auto suggest is an independent package and does not depend on other products.
  2. How difficult it is to customize the interface?
    Auto suggest content pane look and appearance customization is handled by a small set of CSS style sheet attributes. Moreover, the initial package comes with a few CSS designs to choose from.

    Interface appearance customizations are Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) based. You can further change, customize the CSS attributes to change the appearance. There is no need to deal with any programming or scripting.

    You can also customize all the help, tip and system messages.
  3. Do I need to setup any external Database like MySQL?
    Auto suggest comes as a self contained package with its own content databases and there is no need to deal with any database issues.
  4. Do I have add any back-link or credentials?
  5. Can I add auto-suggest anywhere in my web site?
    Yes. You can add auto-suggest anywhere in your web site and multiple pages. Moreover, you can choose to apply different design and apperance in different places as well.
  6. Can I add auto-suggest to dynamically generated pages, like search result pages?
    Yes. You can add autosuggest in both static and dynamically generated pages.

We shall list all commonly asked customer questions as we receive them. In the mean time, if you have a question, not addressed here, please contact Sales.