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Live Portal, Version 2.3

Newer version with extended features and options coming soon ! Free equivalent upgrade will be available to all existing customers.

Live Portal is an instant, multi-channel, dynamic portal system with user-friendly drag and drop support. It is ready to run upon installation and comes with an easy administration and management system. It is a purpose-built, ajax powered Frontend/CMS system suitable for all types of sites and portals.

Unleash the power of Web 2.0

Live Portal is a web 2.0 portal front-end system with fully interactive drag-drop, positioning and customization features. This allows your users, visitors to organize, manage and use your service to its fullest extent. In short it gives your site users extensive choice, better control over how they want to use your services. It allows you to integrate from vast range of available RSS Feeds, Web Site Widgets, any other HTML/content pages as a channel; thus creating a fully interactive content collection suitable for your audience.

Adds value to your site !

By deploying a web 2.0 portal system you simply raise the standard and profile of your site to match the demands and expectation of the new generation of web users. Advanced technology in combination with extensive choice of content channels should raise the quality of your service to its highest level.

Empower your users so they can Empower you !

Live Portal allows your users, visitors to organize, manage and use your services to its fullest extent. It allows them choose the content they like, arrange and manage their favorite content, use the service in their own way. As a result, it makes them feel confident, satisfied and more importantly find the service really useful and helpful.

Increase Loyalty !

No web property can prosper without a loyal user base. By providing your users the ability to choose what they want and how they want it; you are simply creating a motivated and engaging user-base who are more likely to stay loyal.

Many ways to deploy Live Portal !

You can deploy Live Portal as an extension to your existing site (as a separate personalized portal) or right in your home page. (try the demos)

Having some fun never hurts !

Live Portal is sure to add some fun and excitement to your site ! A happy user base is sure to increase your site revenue.