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Live Portal - System Requirements

Live Portal comes as a self contained package and does not require any additional or third-party server addons or modules. The package comes as ready to run immediately upon installation.
There is NO need to deal with any external Databases !

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Fully working web server (shared, virtual or dedicated) with CGI support. You must have permission to run your own CGI scripts/programs.
  2. Any of the following server (machine) operating system (OS):
    - Linux (all popular distributions: Redhat, Fedora, Debian, SuSE, Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS etc.)
    - FreeBSD
    - SunOS (Solaris)
    - AIX
    - Windows (NT, 2xxx, XP, Vista etc.). If you are using a shared/virtual hosting, your hosting account must have permission to run executables/programs/applications.
  3. At least 100MB server free disk space. Live Portal package installation usually requires under 10MB of disk space. However, for optimum performance additional disk space is recommended.

    If you are using a shared or virtual hosting package, it is recommended that you choose a moderate strength package with reasonable system resources for better performance.
  4. Internet domain name.

Optional/Additional Requirements:

The following items are optional recommendations and usually not required. Virtually all commercial web servers and/or shared hosting accounts usually have these items, components installed as standard.

  1. Perl version 5.006 or higher installed; Perl version 5.8.x is recommended.

Note: The above requirements and recommendations apply to Live Portal 'Compact' and 'Standard' versions only and under certain circumstances further requirements may still apply. Additional requirements may apply to Enterprise, Specialized, Customized and Purpose-Built systems.

If you need further information about any issue not mentioned here or have a question, please contact Sales.