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Trials / Demos

Live Portal package comes with a number of ready-to-use designs. You can keep the default skin/design or replace it any other design file (CSS file). You can also further customize the design, appearance (including images) as required.

Here are a number of live trials.

  1. As a separate interface: Demo/Trial-1 >>
      Live Portal (Compact Version) as a Standalone Personalized Portal. An instant expansion to any site or portal. Keep your existing site or Home page unchanged and deploy Live Portal as separate interface.
  2. Home page enhancement: Demo/Trial-2 >>
      A typical example of Live Portal (Compact Version) deployed as a Home page enhancement (Personalized Homepage).
  • Note, that the trials will open in our separately designated Live Portal trial/evaluation site under the domain owned and operated by us.
  • That the search box present in the upper section of the trial/demonstration page is diabled. It has been added there purely for design purposes.